Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Full Gingerbread Week: Part 2

Hi! The Gingerbread Week continues!
I come this time with the second part of why entire week gingerbread project: 

Gingerbread Christmas Town.
I like to think big, so, when I decided I wanted a gingerbread house, I knew I had to go not for one, but for the entire village: houses, church, trees, rocks. So, baking (see my last Monday recipe for gingerbread dough), gluing cookies together (use caramel recipe of  this good tutorial) decorating, and bit by bit adding another detail here and there, the whole project took about 5 days. 

I even made little people! These ones took only 1 minute baking in the oven, 2 minutes to make darker ones

Recipe for Royal Icing:

300 gr of confectioner´s sugar
1 egg white
1 Tbsp lemon juice
food coloring of your choice. (If you want snow, you don´t need any color) 

Just mix everything in a bowl until bumps disappear. pour it in a piping bag and use it for gluing small details in your gingerbread house: people. trees, snow.  Let it dry completely. 


This waa so much fun. Next time I want to do it again. It would be great to make it a tradition. My question of the day: Do you have a special tradition for Christmas?...

Friday:  Gingerbread Week  ends:  How to nicely decorate cookies and making your own piping bags out of parchment paper. I have a little surprise for you all!...

See you then!

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