About me

The hands behind the Teaspoon

Hi, I´m Eve. I'm just a normal gal with an abnormal need for baking and breaking all the time. I love to search for recipes, make them, improve them, destroy them and make them all over again. Don´t like to wait for parties, gatherings or anything special to turn on my oven or get my pans ready. I like to bake just for the fun of it.  In fact, I like it so much that I really had to find a way to channel all that baking energy into something concrete. And since 2.11.2014 here I am: all into a project that is completely new for me, but I´m loving every bit of it.

Who am I?. Well, I´m a mexican living in Finland, and I make my living by teaching a beautiful, rich language such as Spanish, of which I happen to be a native speaker (hola!). I also have a life outside the classrooms, which consists of course  of home staying ( my Hubs and cat are included here)  baking, knitting,  and I recently retook an hold hobby of my college years: photography. Yep, I remember those times,when SLRs were film-based and films were expensive to buy and develop.  Now with my new friend and kitchen assistant Nikon 3200, we together start this new blogging adventure that I hope you all enjoy as much as I already am.

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