Friday, December 5, 2014

My blogger friend in Finland: Last day of gingerbread Week.

Hello there! 

Today,  The Full Teaspoon Club (aka. Me ;D )  moved out of its headquarters for a day to the other side of the city, all the way to team up wit another great blogger: My Suomi Finland.

My Suomi Finland is a video blog project created out of the mind of  my friend Tani: another mexican like me, who, besides traveling the world, studying an enjoying life with a great spark, also gives advice to new comers to Finland about everything you have to know about this country, always with that great spirit and joy she projects in each one of her posts  Check her blog!:


Today, To end This Gingerbread Week in a great way,  Tani wanted to show her followers how to prepare traditional gingerbread cookies, so I came to picture to join forces, and  we spent a nice morning baking, decorating... and surprise!: we  prepared an instructional video that you will get to see very very soon. The Full Teaspoon Club, in association with My Suomi Finland,  is releasing its first video!  Coming up!

I bring you the photo gallery with the highlights of the day:


Tani and her sister Andrea

Making royal icing for decorating

Blogger in action
Me teaching some decorating tips

All the action!
                                  our reindeer cookies (we made the horns with
                               melted chocolate)

My Suomi Finland has a gingerbread logo now!

Thank you for the day!

See you on Monday!

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