Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fun Quiz: How good cook are you?

Hi teaspooners!

Let´s play today!

If you visit my site, it´s probably because you are interested in everything or something that might be related to food: cooking, baking, eating.  A few weeks ago I asked you: Do you  like baking?, cooking?  just enjoying food?. Today, I want to bring you a really fun challenge:

How good Cook are you?

Make the test!

We all have tried to cook at least once, but no always succeeded.This is a really fun quiz that will guide you through some basic cooking skills and measure your knowledge in the matter. I made it, but I won´t tell you the result before I know yours! ;) ;)

Question of the day: What is your best /worst cooking experience?  

See you all on Recipe Wednesday: I´m bringing up a Mexican surprise for you. Don´t miss it! :D 

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