Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tricks and Hints #3 What is an ounce?? a pint?? a cup??

I´m certainly NOT good a numbers. Whenever I find a new recipe, pounds, pints, and ounces go all jumbled up in my head and I lose all notion of what I am doing, i end up mixing pounds and grams in the same recipe and it´s all a disaster. So I rely a lot on internet charts for a better guide and information. This time I decided to post the one I have been using for a year now, and i has helped a lot among many other I keep in my internet favorites.

Dear fellow baker: I know  you and I are normal people who messes up  numbers and units :D so I hope this basic graphic helps you to go through, In Mexico and in Finland measuring units are almost the same... or well.... except for  milliliters and deciliters, and cups, In Mexico we don´t use cups, we  use grams, kilograms, and so on. Oh please, help! I

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