Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Super Crazy Cakes

I asbolutely love "Cake Boss" by TLC Channel. Here in Finland we dont get to watch it through open TV channels, but internet sure has some seasons available on Youtube and other websites. I have always dreamed of making some of those crazy, beautiful cakes that are shown during first season, like one on Season 1-2, when Buddy has a task of making 12 black and white wedding cakes for a magazine gig. That was awesome! They were so stylish and yet simple. I also like one that was made for him in later seasons for his birthday. It was an emotional topic and very original...the problem and question comes when a customer asks a cake with a strange theme like a normal-sized cow or a 10 ft tall monster robot.... Sure they are great pieces of art but, what do you think when the cake comes out way to far from its "cake reality" and it doesn't look like that "edible cake" anymore?.. NOW I understand what people thought about my Nesting Doll Cake a few months ago: "I asbolutely love to watch, but im not sure about cutting it.. Its too beautiful!"    What is your favorite cake in the video? Comments Welcome!!

 Have a great Mid week, guys! :D
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